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Personal Information & Additional Details

LogoVerge is sincerely committed to safeguarding your privacy and in order to exercise complete care, requests for your cooperation. For LogoVerge to function, you are required to provide only the relevant information that the website asks for. Please note that it is for our clients’ safety that we will resort to certain strict measures under any violation of this policy. It is further to be noted that any information provided is strictly for the use of LogoVerge and any designated partners. We do not disclose our users’ personal information with any third party that does, by no means, hold any authority in this regard. It is with further assurance that we inform you about our sophisticated software that we employ to safeguard your private details and ensure its security.

Our visitors are requested to read through this policy to avoid any potential undesirable issues. At LogoVerge, the information we request for is purely to determine the extent of your interest in the activity that you engage in at our website. These details might at times include your name, your company’s name-this is important because LogoVerge is an online Logo Maker which cannot function otherwise without the Company Name. Other details pertain to your email address and at times your personal contact number as well. The latter is requested only in case an important information needs to be immediately conveyed.

The above information allows the website to provide you further access to the website and allows you to create your own logo seamlessly. In case you encounter any technical issues, our customer representative may ask you some additional questions regarding your company and the business that it operates. Please note that LogoVerge does not intend to misuse any of its clients information and does not hold itself responsible in case the client himself exercises negligence while providing those private details.


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