6 Amazing YouTube Channels to Boost Your Graphic Designing Skills

Graphic designing isn’t easy and certainly not something most people can just learn to do on their own. To be a professional at it, most of the time, you will need some sort of guidance, or support. There’s a number of ways for that. You can enroll yourself in a course, get a teacher or a knowledgeable friend to help you through the way, or subscribe to some graphic designing related YouTube channels and learn from there. There’s everything on YouTube that you could ever need for graphic designing. And if you think there isn’t, well, at least it’s a good place to start.

If you’re unsure about learning graphic designing, subscribing to a channel for free is much easier than paying someone hundreds. Here’s a few YouTube channels that I used to get myself started with graphic designing. All you need is motivation and the desire to learn.


A channel that has been on YouTube for years now, and focuses on mastering Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography as well. Phlearn is a wonderful channel with hundreds of videos that’ll provide you with the best tips and step-by-step guide on how to master Photoshop.

They’ve covered everything. Phlearn is a helpful channel for both, beginners and experts. It’s a place where if you’re ever confused about something, you can easily leave a question and be sure to have them get back to you, or well, find your answer in one of their videos.

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Phlearn also has competitions and contests regularly so you can have a chance at showing of your skills and it works as a great motivator too!

PHLearn Youtube Channel

Adobe Photoshop

How can you forget this channel? Adobe Photoshop has almost 400K subscribers, and has videos on how to use Photoshop efficiently. If solely Photoshop is your focus, subscribing to Adobe Photoshop will only do you wonders.

Adobe Photoshop has short, to the point videos that can help you improve your Photoshop skills greatly. It discusses many aspects of Photoshop and how to use certain tools in different ways as well. If you’ve been looking for a channel that will cater more to beginners or intermediates, make sure to give Adobe Photoshop a try.

Everything has been explained very clearly and precisely on their channel. Besides, what better place to learn about a software than by its manufacturer itself?

Adobe Photoshop Youtube Channel

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Glyn Dewis

Another Photoshop channel that has a lot of tips on how to master Photoshop. If you like more discussion type videos, give Glyn Dewis a try. A master at photo retouching himself, Glyn Dewis has a number of videos detailing how to carry out certain tasks in Photoshop.

His videos are quite long, but they’re entertaining as well so you shouldn’t get bored. Glyn Dewis is also an author so you can get your hands on his book if that’s more like you.

If you’re focus is more grunge in nature, than Glyn Dewis has videos made just for you. His videos have a very grungy aspect to them, and most of his Photoshop creations are quite conceptual and mysterious as well.

With Glyn’s help, you can turn any ordinary picture into a grungy-dark picture that’ll blow everyone’s mind.

Glyn Dewis Youtube Channel

Roberto Blake

A YouTuber with not only videos on Photoshop, but Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver as well. Roberto Blake has quality videos that teach you about graphic designing, of course, but also brand development, video marketing, and other business topics.

With currently about 300K subscribers, Roberto Blake is a successful entrepreneur, YouTuber, public speaker and author. If you want to learn graphic designing but may not have the motivation for it, Roberto Blake might be your savior.

Roberto Blake Youtube Channel

Swerve Designs

Are motion graphics, Photoshop and Illustrator your focus? Any question that you’re looking the answer for can be found here. Swerve is a professional graphic designer with about 160K subscribers. Swerve has quite abstract pieces as well, and Swerve Designs can be a great channel to practice a little more conceptual, abstract art on.

You’ll see, that just after watching a couple of Swerve Designs’ videos, your creative juices are going to start flowing and you’ll want to get up and create something yourself too.

Swerve Designs Youtube Channel

Will Paterson

Last but not the least, Will Paterson is a famous logo designer, who specializes in Illustrator and brand identity. If you get bored by just videos on how to graphic design, Will Paterson is here to add all the humor you need. Paterson has a bunch of giveaways as well, so you can get your hands on incredible accessories that could help you design better.

Videos on ideas, tips, and tutorials are all you’ll find on Will Paterson’s channel. He also has quite a few videos related to typography as well. To stay motivated, Will Paterson is a great option for newbies just entering the design world.

Will Paterson Youtube Channel

There’s many other YouTube channels out there that have some great tips about graphic designing, but I think these are the most consistent and perhaps the best too.

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