How to Create an eBook For Your Business

If you’re a writing enthusiast, chances are, you’ve quite a lot of times dreamt about publishing your own book and become an acclaimed author. This gets difficult when you’re also an entrepreneur since as a business owner, it’s not only about chasing your dream it eventually starts revolving around your business and its growth.It is not surprising to say that an eBook can actually bring in a lot of growth into your business and can thus, become a strong part of your business strategy. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not that easy though. For your business to attain that level of growth, you need your eBook to attain a certain level of popularity. To make it easy for you, here are a few things to keep in mind to create an eBook for your business objectives.

Why Create an eBook?

The thought of creating an eBook for your business is definitely very exciting but in order to land yourself a well-written eBook that yields good results, you need to focus on why you need an eBook in the first place. Here are several different ways in which an eBook can help grow your business.


  • Additional revenue

    It’s definitely a possible outcome but it’s not as easy as it sounds but the right marketing tactics can eventually get you there. All you need to bear in mind is that your first eBook is not an instant moneymaker and this thought shouldn’t be the reason you start marketing your book in the first place.

  • Credibility Boost

    When your business has an impactful book to back it up, your audience tends to get the impression that you are well-versed in your area of expertise. This works really well in your favor and you might as well end up receiving an increased number of different opportunities for instance such as increasing your clientele.

  • Direct Marketing

    A very obvious way in which your eBook can help earn your business some great audience is that it can directly become a part of your marketing strategy. This can be done by distributing free copies of your eBook thereby increasing the chances of them turning into your customers.

  1. Start With Your ‘Why’

One of the most important things to consider before starting your eBook is this basic question: Why write an eBook? There are various reason why you would want to write an eBook for. Can you think of any? Think of why you want to write this book. Think about the role it will play to market your content and product. Before moving on to your next step, you have to be clear on this question since this forms the basis of the rest of the steps and help you achieve your goals.

  1. Get Friendly With Your Reader

Since you are a business owner, you should be clearly aware of your customers’ mentality since this is the person who is most likely to read your business eBook. There are a few more things you should know about your reader-someone who forms your target audience. Since your target audience is your own customer, you should have a strong idea of the kind of person he is and the choices he is likely to make in certain situations. Moreover, there are some basic things you need to sort out when it comes to your target audience. These pertain to the gender, location, attitude, and demographics.

Next, you find out what problems your audience is likely to face and provide your best solutions for the problems. An important thing to remember is to give out as many simple solutions as you can. Readers love a ‘How To’ and that’s the main thing you gotta focus on if you really want people to read your eBook.

  1. Pick The Right Topic


No matter what your heart says about getting all of it out in your first eBook, you gotta pick what your readers want to read. One smart choice can really help you gain a supportive audience. Ever wondered why so many cheeky romantic novels exist out there? Because that’s what a large part of the populace votes for. On the other hand, there are a few dangers involved in randomly dispersing your ideas on the paper. Number one, you will never be happy with what you write since you want to pour your heart out but there is just some of it that your heart can take at the moment. Number two, you would be heading into the ‘vanity publishing’. This is when you want to say what you want and not what your audience wants you to say. So make a wise decision and choose a topic your readers express enthusiasm for. There’s always time for those other great topics.

  1. Plan Your Outline

Once you’ve chosen your topic, your next step is to PLAN. Now that you have given your why and who a thought, you gotta pay attention to the impact your book leaves behind. For this, you consider the end of your book. Think about how your reader should undergo a transformation all the while he reads your book. Think about what elements your eBook needs to help your audience undergo such a transformation. Start with your clients’ problems- make these your chapters; a proven way to grab your reader’s attention!

  1. Begin Writing your eBook

Now, this is where your book really needs you and you your passion. If you love writing and you get complimented about it, you’re quite likely to enjoy this step. But it might come across as a surprise that your passion is not the only thing you’ll need to write your book. Since writing an eBook is not an urgent task, the procrastination ghost within you is quite likely to come out and keep you from writing it every day and this is why it’s not easy. Writing your eBook requires an everlasting patience, devotion, strong willpower and all the amazing things you can think of that makes it all worthwhile. The best way to keep yourself going is to completely commit yourself to your book for about 1-2 hours daily. Decide a time of the day when you think you’re productive. I’m a morning person, for instance, and even research proves that this is the time when your brain reaches the crest of its level of productivity. Remember, to be simple is the key. Don’t stress over fanciness and quantity. There is no certified length for an eBook. Promise yourself to prefer quality over quantity.

  1. Choose A Catchy Title

Once you’ve done your homework on what topic you’re writing on, it gets really easy to choose a topic unless you try to get overly picky and skeptical about choosing your title. Generally, there is no need to use a complex vocabulary. Your readers are not decoders; no one has enough time to decide the title on your cover. So you gotta play safe and pick something that people generally search for on search engines. This is sure to trigger the creative freak in you!

Tip: Titles beginning with ‘A Guide to’ are a great hit at the business eBook shelves!

  1. Get Your Formatting Right

Formatting your book is yet another task that you get to face if you’re first time eBook writer. With so many cursive fonts out there, you’ll be tempted to make use of in your book but in order to make your words accessible, you have to make sure your text is able to be scanned. A PDF document is, for instance, the safest option if you plan on making your book available online only. On the other hand, if your eBook is to be stocked by sites like Amazon, for that you can check out various formatting guides at Amazon or Amazon’s own ‘Guide to eBook publishing’. Basic formatting includes your font style, size, text spacing, paragraphing and illustrations. Just strive to get these right, the others will follow!

  1. Edit

If there’s something you can definitely NOT skip, it is the editing part. Basic grammar, spelling, punctuation errors are never forgiven by a reader. Just like any other professional eBook, you have to get your book undergo certain stages of editing such as content editing, copy editing and proofreading. Once there and passed, you get your copy ready for the cover!

  1. Put Thought Into Your Cover

A professional book cover design is one of the most important investments you can make into your eBook. Since your cover is the first thing people set their eyes on, you gotta ensure it’s relevant, appealing and convincing. For starters, you cover design should make sense. Yes, this is exactly what I mean. Random amateur illustrations won’t get your book anywhere; instead, you need a design that talks to your reader-something the buyers notice. An important thing to see is whether your eBook stands out on an online shopping portal. A reader should, for example, be able to see that your book stands out among the rest on the list. Most advisably, you can hire a professional book cover designer for your first eBook or use a free design tool at Logo Verge and this is how you can easily land yourself with a professionally designed book cover!

  1. Promote

Once your eBook is written and published, all you need to do is promote! Well, it does sound like its ‘all’ that’s left but whether you choose to believe it or not, promoting your eBook is the most important part of your entire eBook writing journey. It is in fact 85% of the work! Promoting an eBook means creating a hype about your book among your audience-something that gets them talking. Some such promoting techniques include video marketing on social media or organizing a pre-launch session of your eBook in which you distribute free books with your signature on it and have limited quotas for the giveaway. This will have people coming to you and the rest might even make a whole lot of effort to buy it when they miss out the free one! Just make sure writing your book is actually the beginning of your eBook ‘writing’ journey!

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