6 Simple Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing

video marketing

In the recent years, Online Video Marketing has seen an immense rise in its trend. Several studies show that videos often work better than simple content. This is obviously because people are more interested in watching stick figures playing around with words and colors than simply having to read content in black and white. A more authentic research shows that videos attracted 50 times more traffic than that of simple text pages. There are quite a few reasons as to

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How to Become a Logo Designer in 3 Steps

learn to become a logo designer

Logo designing is a challenging field. With the competition at a rise, if you don’t build a strong ground for yourself right now, forget about having a career in logo designing in the next few years. Logo designing may sound easy to some but it’s not and very few actually make it. Now, if you want to pursue it as a career, keep on reading to understand how exactly you go about it. Or If You Are Just Here to

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