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Rooted in Design

At Logo Verge, our designs stem from some of the most influential techniques. These designs are an improvisation of the inspiration we get from popular designs all over the web.

Custom Logo Maker

Logo Verge is the effective tool you need to create appealing designs of your choice. Our popular tool helps you design and completely customize your logo designs to perfection.

We’re More than Logos

Although we call ourselves logo verge, we’re not really just logos. Apart from being logo masters, we cater to all your digital design needs starting from your website to your social media page design!

Save your Project and Edit Later

One of our most unique features pertains to saving your work for later additions. At logo verge, our professional technicians are people of great digital intellect and that’s why, they have launched this option to provide you the best backup you need!

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Sarah R.

Social media manager

Logo Verge is my personal Logo Designer. From the best color palettes to the most impactful fonts, it literally has everything. The number of templates does make you go crazy and torn between which one to choose but it’s definitely worth it!

Chloe Nicole

Tech Entrepreneur

I have never come across a logo maker than is so easy to work with. Logo Verge gives to complete freedom to create and customize your logo. There are thousands of templates to choose from and fun to personalize!

J. Sylvester

Content Manager

What I love about this website is that it’s accessible, user-friendly and free! It’s like a complete logo designer package packed with clipart, colors, fonts, you name it! It’s a five stars from me, no doubt about that.

Jacob Brook


Logo Verge woke the passionate designer in me. Although I don’t use it for commercial purposes, but I’m an aspiring logo designer and I like to try different logos for my upcoming course projects. It’s like a platform where I can display my skills and create amazing stuff!

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