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All you need is the business name, a catchy slogan or a tagline and your industry to get started. Getting your perfect business logo is no more a rocket science.

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Choose a logo template that best suits with your business idea. Logo Verge offers you a collection of thousands of logo templates to choose from.

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Customize your logo and you are all set! Our free logo maker gives you the freedom to customize your logo using vibrant colors and hundreds of font options.


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Our artistic collection is what separates us from the rest. Logo Verge Free Logo Maker is equipped with the best designing tools that enable you to create your perfect logos.

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Creating your perfect logo is now easier than ever with our online logo creation tool! Pick what you like, customize it to suit your requirements and you are all set to put up your perfect logo and get your brand going.

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Our Save and Download option makes updating easier and puts you at ease to create, save and use in quick and easy steps. We have made it more effortless than you can imagine.


Almost Ready to Start Your Own?Here Are Some Handy Logo Design Tips

It does not matter if you are totally new to logo design or you are more advanced, everyone could benefit from some helpful reminders. Plus, a thoughtful design process will turn into a more effective logo design!

  • Tip/1

    One of the best things you can do to your brand logo is keeping it simple. Too much going on at once tends to decrease attention span and focus on your logo.

  • Tip/2

    When it comes to creation, there’s no doubt you have to keep it original. That’s what creation means after all. Don’t forget, simply copying a popular design raises the odds of negative reviews!

  • Tip/3

    To create an everlasting impact on your audience’s mind, you need to be relevant and appropriate. Imagine how cringe-worthy a WWF panda would be on Wendy’s logo!

About LogoVerge:

Logo Verge is an online logo creation tool that offers logo designing and designing for other items absolutely free of cost. The software is especially designed for small start-up businesses, new entrepreneurs and other non-profit organizations to help them create customized logos without much effort or heavy costs to bear. With our online logo creation tool, you don’t even need to know how to design logos online. It’s an easy to use, pick n’ click tool!

The idea behind the venture is to facilitate budgeting and help such aspiring businesses to avoid huge expenditures. Our team of professional designers realizes how massive expenditures may adversely affect newly devised budget plans and thus, they aim to help emerging businesses envision themselves conquering the market in the future.

Our free design software is accessible, simple and easy to use. Keeping certain factors such as time and money constraints into consideration, our IT and design experts have joined efforts and launched the site to bring about greater productivity in the shortest amount of time.
Where to make custom logos and that too for free? Logo Verge’s online creation tool is your answer.

Logo Verge plays the role of your very own personal design agency where you can design things to match your requirements to the tea. Our database is fully furnished with huge number of template designs, colors, sizes, fonts and shapes to make the selection process flexible and fascinating. The end results are always a perfect logo if you keep it relevant and simplistic. Feel free to try our online logo creation tool and wave all your worries goodbye.